First workamping job

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Nov 25, 2011
Philadelphia, spring&fall Maine Summer Florida
Peg and I start our first workamping job May 15 at the Bay View CG in Bourne on Cap good reviews on CG sites so we are looking forward to to the summer on the Cape> Any tips on things to do with the dogs on off time, or things for us to see. Thanks Mike
Guess we won't be seeing you this summer in Maine?  Or will the workamping job be over in time for a visit? Nancy & I will be at Narrows Too again, from 6/26-(/5.
Nancy is doing Round Three with her cancer (new tumors in her right arm) but appears to be winning again. Side effects of the chemo are minimal this time, and we fully expect to get on the road by end of May. Hope you can come by and visit - we will be in the site immediately in front of where we were last year.
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