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Jun 28, 2010
Has anyone driven from Flagstaff to Page on the 160 to 98 detour due to the 89 closure? It looks like it will add 50 miles to the drive but I was wondering how the roads were. We will be traveling through there in about 3 weeks.
We drive SW Colorado to Page frequently in a 28-ft Class A towing a VW. it's a beautiful drive. Nothing to worry about (other than that extra 50 miles). We also drive often from SW Colorado to Flagstaff and there's nothing there to worry about either.

Enjoy the drive thru some pretty country.

Cortez when we're home
It's south of Page, between Page and Alt-89 so you can get from Flagstaff to North Rim without detour but you can't get from Flag to Page without detouring thru Tuba City.

Here is a video clip from Phoenix channel 3 that shows some of the damage. The last I heard it will be closed for a long time. They're talking with the Indians about upgrading a road on the reservation to use as a detour or maybe just moving 89 onto the reservation.

If you and Linda come up this way please stop and say HI.
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