Flash Floods hit Capitol Reef NP

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Feb 22, 2016
That's where we are! Just missed the floods. On the day we arrived the road was only open to the campground and the other road through the park to Caineville was closed due to the flood and
rescue operations. It opened within an hour though so we drove up and got a few photos of roadside waterfalls and the high river flow.

The scenic drive road will be closed for several days.

We went in today to do the Cohab Canyon trail and it is closed. Hickman Bridge parking area was jam packed and that was at 8:30am, but it is one of the few trails open. We just came back to camp and have had a relaxing day.

It was pretty nice to see how the park was formed, but some of the videos taken during the flood were a bit frightening.

Photos - Highway 12 on way to Torrey UT, Larb Hollow Overlook, Fruita Friends. Hope these come out OK.


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Robert K

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Jan 30, 2011
pretty common this time of year is'nt it.
snow storms and snow removal will keep the Going To the Sun road closed till after 4th of July
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