Flowmaster Exhaust Experience?

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May 8, 2006
Anyone have experience with the Flowmaster Exhaust for the 1993-1998 Ford Class C motorhome (#17237)?

I have a 1995 Jayco 2950 with the 460 V8 Ford engine. Just repaired a small leak in the exhaust, which usually means its days are numbered. The Flowmaster is a cat-back system and is available for around $325 on the 'net.

My questions on the Flowmaster would be: 1) Quality, fit, and finish of the system; 2) Noise level; and 3) Any measurable increase in performance and/or fuel effeciency?

Yes, I know I could have a shop install a custom system, and I know all about the Banks offerings. I'm looking for specific experience with the Flowmaster system.

Thanks in advance.


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Mar 3, 2005
Elkhart Lake, WI for the summer. Work at Road Amer

Installed one on my class "A" last year and love it(different part number, of course). Came with all new hangers, clamps, good looking chrome exhaust tip, heat shield, and heavy-duty welded muffler, and thick-walled pipes. Power much better than stock, some gas mileage increase but I didn't buy it for the gas. Quality is A+. The only thing I would do differently is NOT remove the existing resonator. Without it, it's pretty loud when pulling hard. The Ford resonator was 3" straight thru, so it really wasn't necesssary to take it out. Installation takes about 4 hours; most of it cutting off the old stuff. Dremel tool with reinforced cut-off disks is your best tool for the job, and don't loosen any of the hangers before you start cutting - keeps the disks from binding. If you have one, an acetylene torch would be best.
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