Flyfishermen: Please check out this lake

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Aug 17, 2005
There's a FREE-ACCESS FLYFISHING ONLY lake (Lake Windmill -- 20 acres) located just off US287 between Decatur and Bowie, TX. The lake was commissioned about six years ago -- I covered the celebration for my newspaper, and watched Texas Fish & Wildlife folks stock it with bass, trout, and bream, but have never seen anyone fishing there and I own a ranch directly across the road from the entrance -- click here to see details of the ranch

I checked with TF&W folks in October, '05 and was told it's okay to fish there, but only light tackle can be used. Just follow the posted rules on the signs at the lake. TF&W office is on the east side of US287, at the North edge of Decatur, if anyone wants to inquire. The only requirement other than "light" spinning or fly tackle is a Texas Fishing Licence.

Here's the directions to the lake:

Midway (12 miles to either city) between Decatur and Bowie, Texas is a tiny cafe called "THE TEXAS PICKUP CAFE Best 1/2-pound hamburgers and fries in Texas!." It's on the corner of US287/81 and County Road 1591. There are several RV parks nearby on US287/81.

Turn Southwest on CR1591 and go three miles. This road takes a couple of 90-degree turns. Stay on CR1591.

The entrance to LBJ National Grasslands is on the left side of 1591 near the corner of CR1591 and CR 1691. There's a cattle-guard at the entrance (okay, teasippers, don't ask what kind of uniform the cattle-guard is wearing) :D. The lake is located about 1/2 mile South of that intersection, down the winding road in the photo below.

The Grasslands is a National Park with FREE ACCESS, so don't be afraid of driving in.

The lake is at the end of the 1/2 mile road into the park. This satellite photo shows my ranch across the road (north) and the lake at the end of the road.

Please post a report or email me about your catch. If you stop by between March and May '06, I'll be at the ranch getting it ready to sell, otherwise it's unoccupied.

There's plenty of parking and free 2-week boondocking for RVers when I'm there.

My ranch is at the intersection of the two roads near top-center of the photo (two green gates -- beige house with green trim). Lake Windmill and LBJ National Grasslands entrance is just southwest of the ranch entrance. The winding road leading southeast from the main northeast-southwest road leads to the lake -- near the bottom right corner of the photo.

For GPSers, my ranch entrance is at coordinates: N33? 24.131  W97?  45.135. The park entrance is about 200' Southwest of there. We placed a geocache near the lake. Click here if you want to log a find while there.

Aerial view

email me for more info if needed writer29 at sbcglobal dot net


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