Flyfishing Guide company looking for seasonal shuttle drivers

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Feb 12, 2019

Western Rivers Flyfisher Guides Shuttle Service is looking to fill a couple of full-time shuttle driver positions for the flyfishing season which begins middle of April and goes through mid October. You would be working between 4-10hrs/day averaging $10-$15/hour. You will be shuttling our guides vehicles from the boat launch up river to the take out down river. We are wanting to find someone that loves the outdoors and would like to fill up the travel bank account. If you love fishing, hiking, Mountain Biking or Climbing this position could be for you. We are located in Dutch John, Utah which is located near the Flaming Gorge and Green River,  which has some of the best trout fishing in the country. Northeastern Utah is rather remote with your nearest neighbors generally being Pronged Horn Antelope, Deer, Elk and other animals. Dutch John unfortunately does not have much for housing but does have free camping with gorgeous scenery within 3-4 miles from our shop as well as some sites  with RV hookups. We look forward to hearing from some fellow Vehicle Dwellers! Please reach out to me with questions!

Dutch John, UT
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