FMCA Rally, Minot, ND, 14-18 August, 2019

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Jul 20, 2014
Cedar Falls, IA
Who is headed to this rally? We will be volunteering so we are arriving early. I am hoping to be able to see Betty and Terry Brewer?s new rig! Who else plans on attending?
RVMommaTo6 said:
We'll just miss you! We'll be in Bismarck on the 20th!
By 20 August we will be at Lewis and Clark State Park along the Missouri a couple of hours west of Minot. We have learned you need reservations for the first night after a big rally since a thousand plus other rigs will all need a place to stay too. If your schedule,changes, let us know.
Brewers will be there a couple of days early. I've volunteered to be a mentor to "First time" attendees. We will have our  new rig and offer Open houses! ( give me a notice so I can do dishes! )
Betty, you will need to schedule the open house so we don?t descend on your every two hours. We will be there Sunday, volunteering to drive the golf carts.
Will schedule something when we arrive and have a better feel of the schedule for volunteers.  Great suggestion!
Just saw this thread.  We're about 800 miles East of Minot and will be heading West on Monday.  So it's a definite maybe for Gary and Maria. 
We are settled in on 27th St, between the signs for Red 7 and Red 8, first row outside the stadium fence. Drop by if anyone ways to say hi. Kevin is working parking rigs. I am just hanging around.
We?re in New Rockford tonight. Minot tomorrow.

Looking forward to seeing y?all.

Gary: good to learn you and Maria will be there.
Tom, sounds like you solved the no start issue with the Vortec.  We're about  60 miles south of you.  Spent the afternoon at the Arrowwood National Wildlife Refuge.   
We'll pull in Monday afternoon.  Spent two nights at Teddy Roosevelt  National Park in Medora
Gary, I noticed the sign for the Refuge as we drove to New Rockford.

Problem not solved but have learned how to deal with it. (Thanks Paul)

Arriving at rally in an hour.
Tom, are you at the Fairgrounds RV park and if so, will you be staying their throughout the Rally?  I'm referring to the one that includes at least water and electric for $25.00 a day.  If not, are you in the lot that the FMCA guests will be parked.  I think Bill Dane referred to it as the generator area. 
Brewers arrived at Minot.  We are in LOT N 27th Street facing the stadium.  So attendees let's do this.

Look at your big Convention paper map.  Mark Brewers as present by noting our name and  phone number (562) 708 6568 at the  top left corner of section N (reddish brown on your map)  .  And then post your location here on RVForum with  number or email . That way we will know where all friends are located.  I  am  attending a  " training"  to be a mentor  for  first timers Tuesday  morning at  8 am.  See you first timers at 3. Watch this thread  for an " open house' invitation to view our new rig and or for a time we  can meet during the Convention activities.  I may sign up to run the 1 mile " run" on Friday. Anyone else in?
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