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Who has a new favorite recipe for 2019?

And don't forget to admire last year's favorites while you are on the thread.

Some great ideas.
I finally figured out how to use my oven without burning everything. I tried a pizza stone, which promptly cracked in half and tripped my smoke alarm, burnt the bottom center of the pizza. Took me a couple months, but I decided to try my cast iron griddle. It fits perfectly in the oven and dissipates heat evenly. I might try to bake some cookies or porkchops this weekend at deer camp.
Gary RV_Wizard said:
Don't buy that brand of pizza stone again - it must be junk!  What good is a stone that cannot handle oven temperatures?

It was a Pampered Chef stone. I think it's about two decades old. It's been sitting in the basement unused for at least a decade. When the kids graduated from high school and went off to college we stopped making pizza at home. Take out was easier. It worked great the first decade we used it. I read a post on here about using a stone in the RV oven and thought, hey I got one of those in the basement doing nothing. It's since been retired and turned into rubble.
If you're up for trying something new, how about foil packet meals? You can fill them with veggies, sausage, and seasoning, then throw them on the grill for a tasty and easy dinner.
The base recipe is not original to me. You can find it at:

The only thing about the recipe is that is uses 1 1/2 cups of whipping cream, which is an odd amounts to buy and keep in the fridge.

I modified the amounts to make a Biscuit Kit for camping. Trader Joe's sells shelf stable (no refrigeration needed) whipping cream in an 8 oz/1 cup box. That and 1 1/3 cups self rising flour in a small container makes a one batch biscuit kit which can be kept in the cupboard in our motorhome and is just big enough for 2 people for a couple of meals. Just follow the directions in the link. I usually roll or press them out on a piece of wax or parchment paper just to make cleanup easier.
Since this old post is being revived... Has any one tried this recipe?.. How about finding the Trader Joe's shelf stable cream... Find it?

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