Football ... such a fickle sport!

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Mar 11, 2005
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First, the embittered Chicago Bear fans turn on their own quarterback, who lead them to a 15 and 3 season and the Superbowl!

And now today ...  the San Diego Chargers fire their head coach, who lead them to the top power ranking of the NFL and a 14-2 regular season.

Does anyone understand, statistically, what a crap shoot the playoffs and the SuperBowl really are?  Hey, it is a one game winner take all situation.  Not like baseball where playoffs have at least a 3 of 5 game contest or a 4 of 7 situation.  In football, one misstep, even by a really great team, and the Holy Grail is lost.

Sure am glad I am not a football coach or quarterback.  Sure do wonder how Rex Grossman will do next year with most of his fans hating him.  Sure do wonder what coach is going to be crazy enough to take Schottenheimer's job.  A coach's life must be very frail at San Diego.  I understand the Charger players are VERY unhappy about today's outcome.

Football is insane!

Send Rex to Baltimore.  We will give him love!  You Bear fans can have Kyle Boller and really have something to complain about!  ;D

We'd take Schott also, but we already have the best coach in football!

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