For retired full time RVers, what do you do with your house?

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Oct 30, 2005
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So, did you return to a home? Do you still RV or did you sell it?
We sold the house in early 2000 and left tor our great adventure. We did return annually for doctor & dentist visits and to see grandchildren & their parents but did miss a year one time when another son had a family emergency and needed help 2000 miles from home. By not owning a house we were free to travel whenever and wherever we wished. The wife did have prescriptions that needed filled but we managed that long distance. We stayed on the road for almost 12 years, until the wife's health issues became problematic and forced us to stop completely for a couple of years and then returned to part-time. But we have never regretted the sale of the house because of the total freedom that gave us. We both feel today that those 12 years were some of the best of our lives. Just a few days ago I celebrated my 79th birthday. This year we have spend about 2 months traveling with our current travel trailer, so far.
If you sell you have no address how do you vote ?
There are other ways, but for us the answer was the Escapees RV Club and their address service. There are 3 states that are most popular for legal domicile by fulltime RV folks, Florida, Texas, and South Dakota. The primary reason is that all 3 allow the use of a mail forwarding service to register to vote, register your vehicles, maintain a driver's license and insurance. None of them have any personal state income tax and none of them require you to spend any set amount of time in the state to qualify as a resident.

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Dec 13, 2017
We've been full timing for 2 yrs now and love it. We sold the home and have kept this money for an exit plan. Sold everything the kids didn't want via an estate sale (pennies on the dollar). Kids have stored a few valuable items and highly recommend not renting a storage unit. When we do settle down, we'll likely go the estate sale route to refurnish.
I wouldn't want to worry about renting and all the issues with doing that....
Good luck

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