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Sep 16, 2021
Portland, Oregon
Hello from Portland Oregon.

Due to the economy I was forced into living in an rv. It is not too bad, if I could get some things working normally. I have a spot that it in a 30 amp lot. It seems reasonable, but I have some issues.

I have been managing since December, but it has not been fun. I sealed it and got the leaks taken care of. Now I have electrical problems and can smell the propane anytime I use it. I use it sparingly for cooking and hot water. The hot water did not work for months. I had a friend finally figure it out with me. Dollars later and trial by error theories.

It is a Winnebago Iztaca. Ford engine evidently. I have about given up, but I like the idea of owning one. It runs fine, but has a brake leak that I have to check on. At the moment I am afraid to take it anywhere. If the eclectic goes out completely or something happens on the road, I am literally homeless. Thus I do not take it anywhere at this tie. I hope to later, if I can get rid of the frustrations I am having. I will get to those for advice in a different thread.

Wish me luck. Hoping there are those out there that can help me come through this and enjoy living in it.

Arch Hoagland

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Jul 11, 2014
Clovis California
Welcome aboard!

There are lots of knowledgeable people on here so ask about what you need to know.

The year, make and model of your RV will help us help you.


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Nov 1, 2017
Welcome to the forum. We all certainly will help get that RV safe and roadworthy as cheaply as possible. Post your specific issues as separate threads and we can help you figure them out. Let's start with the smelly propane, that's downright dangerous and we need to find the leak. As mentioned above, put your Make, Model, Year in your signature, it will help from us asking all the time.


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Sep 9, 2019
Ontario, Canada
Now I have electrical problems and can smell the propane anytime I use it.
Welcome to the forum.

As it was mentioned, these two issues are a clear danger to yourself and others around you. Leaking propane could be due to a number of factors, mainly broker/defective regulator or leaky lines. Again. this need to be addressed asap.


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Mar 4, 2019
SE - Mich
A make and model would be nice, but let's work on not blowing it up or burning it down.
You say you smell propane any time you use it.
Is the tank valve always open?
* If yes, then the problem is not in the system.
* If no, then do you smell it before you even do anything?
** If you do, try to figure out where it is most. If you can, go to a dollar store and get some bubble stuff and a spray bottle. Spray that all over any joint in the copper lines first, then just keep at it.
**If it seems to be the stove, it could well be that one of the burner valves is leaking (I have seen this several times), so pick the top off and spray all the manifold plumbing there and then pull the burner tubes and put a wetted finger over the jets.
If you find it, tell us where and what the model of the stove is and maybe we can help. If you don't have the owner's manual, try to go on line and download it.
Then we or some new friend you have yet to make should be able to help you.

*** Memory just fired. Look at the oven knob. Does it have a position that says "Pilot"? Make sure that is off. An acquaintance with a recently acquired used RV. Found that he brought it home with the oven pilot turned on.



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May 15, 2020
Welcome aboard.

An RV is basically a crappy house on a crappy bus frame.

It is usually not cheaper to live in an RV as compared to a 400 sq/ft apartment. I get high cost areas may sway that but entropy always wins.

That is the RV is in a constant state of falling apart and needs routine and constant maintenance.
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