Ford F-350 4.30 rear axle Tow Boss with / without 4 Wheel Drive

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Oct 22, 2005
Orlando, FL
For only those that use this truck :

1 > Do you have 4 Wheel Drive ?

2 > How easy is it to navigate hills in the Tow Command mode.


3 > What is your MPG rating, loaded ( what size load ) and unloaded

I am debating between that and the 4.10 rear axle without Tow Boss

Appreciate any help.

Thanks, Russell


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Mar 12, 2005
2005 F350 single rear wheel 6.0 diesel without four wheel drive. Now has 15000 miles. Getting around 10-11 mpg in Tow Command pulling Alpenlite 29RK 5W. Used Tow Command in the mountains because the shifting points cause less stress on the engine/transmission. On flat land, most of the time I leave the Tow Command disengaged. Don't notice too much difference in gas mileage. Usually run at 65 mph (around 1750 rpm) pulling trailer...less than 60 mph it doesn't want to get out of 3rd gear? and runs somewhat over 2000 rpm.? BTW, I got better mileage with the 7.3 diesel but my Prowler trailer was shorter and lighter and also had less frontal area..
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