Frame cracks?

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Frank B

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Apr 23, 2005
Calgary, Alberta
We are considering the purchase of a 2000 Westwind WW 230 23' lightweight fifth.  Everything looks fine.  This is a steel frame unit.

However, there is a vertical crack about 2" long in the aluminum skin on one side only right where the front overhang attaches to the main body of the unit.  I don't have a picture to post, but hopefully, the attached illustration will give an idea of where the damage is.  'x' marks the spot.  :)

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I can see where a crack here could easily come from a slip with the tin snips in manufacture, and then vibration or flexing of the side panels in the wind would make the crack 'creep' up the side a bit.  If that is all it is, then fine.  What are the odds, however, that this sort of damage is a sign of frame weakness or a cracked frame?  If so, what can I / should I do about it?  The unit is exactly what we want at pretty much market price, and appears to have been hardly used (the unit has not been cleaned yet, and the stove and oven don't appear to have been used).

Thanks for any recommendations anyone can offer.

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