Freddy Fender Passes

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Bob Buchanan

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Mar 3, 2005
Philadelphia, PA
Freddy Fender was one of my favorite artists. I enjoy most all types of music, according to the mood life brings me to. Since getting my video iPod earlier this year have been enjoying setting up playlists for different driving situations I find myself in. For example, I usually start my earlier AM RV driving with Kenny Rogers -- but if in a tough traffic situation find that mellow trumpet sounds from Chris Botti or Chet Baker keeps my OK and in the right lanes and such. But in most any situation, I have always enjoyed the sounds and songs Freddy Fender has made famous over the years.

Anyway, last night I was pleased to find and download an old music video of "When the last teardrop falls" that was his break through hit and loaded it to my iPod. I then reminded myself that I had missed him in concert a few years back and started looking on his website to see if he would be appearing along my winter travel paths. His site is simply,

It was then that I discovered that he had been diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer in January of this year, and passed away on October 14th. He was 69. So FWIW, and if you were a fan of this unique man and were not aware -- I wanted to pass this along to you.

BTW, when he changed his name earlier in his career, he was playing a Fender electric guitar -- thus Freddy Fender. 


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Mar 3, 2005
Elkhart Lake, WI for the summer. Work at Road Amer

Very interesting, and sad. I was also a fan of his. Guess you've got to be really old to appreciate the music of some of the original R/R, R/b artists. Also noted the passing of Jack Palance, 87, and one of the greatest 'tough guy' western actors of all time.   

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