freedom 458 inverter/charger

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Nov 13, 2018
I have been trying for some time now to figure out why my red light stays on the inverter. I have unhooked my cables on the house batteries as well as the chassis batteries. I have unplugged the connectors to the remote I have done all the things I have read about to reset the inverter.. It is plugged into a 20 amp house current. for a heater to keep coach from freezing.  A few times i noticed the control panel would read 15+ volts But when i checked the batteries they were fine and not that high. 2 coach batteries 12+volts & 4 house batteries 6+ volts. breaker amps was set to 30 but now lowered that to 5 amps. fault light still comes on. I can really use some helpful advice. One thing I am not sure about is I read that a fan should be running in the inverter I hear a humming but not sure if thats the fan or not, is there a fuse or something inside for the fan ?
Thanks need to fix soon
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Feb 2, 2005
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There have several submodels of the Freedom 458 over the years, but all I know of have two possible red status lights and they are labeled Low Battery or Overtemp/Overload.  Which one is on?  And what do the Battery State Leds show?  These are the status Leds on the 458 itself, not the remote display panel.

I think the basic Freedom Remote has a light labeled FAULT, so perhaps that is what you are seeing.  It summarizes several conditions.  If the Fault light is on and also High Battery (15.5v+), you probably have one or more house batteries with a shorted cell, causing the voltage to go too high.  Or if you have another charging source connected to those batteries, rarely that can cause the combined voltage to go high (e.g. an unregulated solar panel).

Freedom Remote Manual - see Pg 8 for Fault Led info.


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Jan 4, 2015
Sparta Va
When the fault lite comes on ,removing the 110 volt power for a few seconds resets it.If I start the engine while plugged into shore power,the fault lite comes on.Hope this helps...
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