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Jun 7, 2006
???I just purchased a 1994 Gulfstream Ultra, class C motorhome. If anyone out there has one like it, please tell me where the fresh water drain is. I have looked everywhere and can't find it. Only half of the tank is visible and I can't even trace the tubing.

John From Detroit

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Apr 12, 2005
Davison Michigan
Generally the fresh water drain is very close, if not attached to, the tank itself, it may be underneath the rig, (Under the tank) this is, by and far, the best place for it as a drain in the BOTTOM of the tank can actually drain the tank.  It may be in the side of the tank (one of mine is) or it may be in the outlet line usually near the tank (The factory put a drain there on my rig, alas, since the outlet is a good inch or more above the "Floor" of the tank,  it don't drain, which is why I did a few tricks with the other drain, it's a siphon (Same outlet level but sliphons water down to about 1/8 inch)  All you can do is look for it.

You might also contact Gulfstream and find if they would be willing to mail you a manual (Some companies even have the book in PDF format)  Failing that there are generac "How to maintain your RV" books (RV-Owners manuals) however they are a bit weak on specific locations of stuff as a rule.  Though I do recall one generac how to fix your home appliances book which uses as it's example... The very appliance I needed to fix! (Lucked out on that one I did)

Jim Dick

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Feb 11, 2005
Titusville, FL
Sometimes the manufacturer will place the drain on the side of a coach. It usually is a small white petcock that, when turned 180?. As John mentioned it usually is close to the tank but not always.

Gary RV_Wizard

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Feb 2, 2005
West Palm Beach, FL
It's also possible there is no drain in the tank itself - sometimes the water system low point drain serves to drain the tank as well. They aren't always well marked either - sometimes you have to look underneath the chassis to see a couple of dangling hoses. They may be capped with screw on covers or there may be a valve inside the coach above them somewhere, e.g. in a water line in the back of a bathroom close or whatever.
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