Fridge won't run on electric

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Rene T

Site Team
May 20, 2011
Farmington NH
My neighbor has a Dometic Model 1350 fridge. It won't work on electric. He has it on propane right now and is waiting for it to cool down. What should I look for? I did check the outlet and he has 120 volt AC power. He pulled the black box apart and found the fuse. It's good.
If it does end up working on propane the next thing would be take voltage reading at the element. You can switch back to electric long enough to do that, then switch back over to propane without effecting the cooling.
Another option is the 'brain' that switches the cooling source.

If electric is applied when on auto, does it switch, but then no cooling or will it not switch at all?
Suspect list
1: element
2: Control board
3: Fuses
4: Broken wire

If you have 120 volts at the outlet and the INDICATOR inside on the Fridge panel do not show AC suspect the fuse (There are fuses on a terminal board where the power cord connects.  The other fuses are in a black box to the left (control board).

IF it shows AC on the fridge display but does not work.. as mentioned above check for power on the leads to the heat element  IF NONE your suspect list is wires and control board

If power present unplug. disconnect wires from element or board and measure resistance. OPEN CIRCUIT bad, about 1/3 ohm good.
Bill asks a key question. If it auto-switches to LP, then the brain isn't recognizing 120vac power and that's one set of potential problems. If not, another set. If it stays in AC mode but doesn't cool, odds are strong it is the electric heating element or wiring to it.
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