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Aug 9, 2006
Hello again,

Couple of more questions. If I plug in the fridge using my home outlet to get it cool before I go this weekend, I have about a 2 hour drive to the campsite. I have read on other post that it is not safe to travel with the LP on so can I use the extra battery in the engine compartment? Or should I use the genorator all the way or is the gas fine. Secondly, in regards to the extra battery, since I have one does that mean I have an inverter or is that to start the genorator, does this run anything else in the coach? Sorry to ask silly questions but don't want to get caught out there looking as dumb as I feel. Thanks for the help



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Mar 3, 2005
Elkhart Lake, WI for the summer. Work at Road Amer

Most people, myself included, think it's o.k. to drive with the l.p. on. Sometimes, due to high or gusty winds, the flame may go out, but the controller will try to relight it. If unsuccessful, it will go into "Check" mode, and not try any more; then you have to manually reset it. No big deal.

You may or may not have an inverter. If it has one, it may be located either inside or in an outside storage compartment. Most larger inverters will have an inside remote switch to turn them on and off; smaller ones may require you to switch it on and off right at the inverter.

The second battery is normally used to start the generator (if electric start) and power the inside lights and perhaps other 12 volt devices. You may also have a CONVERTER which charges the battery when plugged into an AC outlet or when the generator is running.

Look both inside and outside for the the inverter, converter, and any switches that may control them. Without doing an actual inspection, we can't tell what you have or don't have.

Good luck!

Carl L

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Mar 14, 2005
west Los Angeles
On the road no sweat, including propane tankers.  I would not want drive thru spilled gasoline, but the I would not want to do that with any vehicle.

There is a bit of caution about a fueling stop.  Simply turn your fridge off before fueling and pull out a bit and turn on again when you leave.  To tell the truth, you don't see many folks doing so tho they should.



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Feb 1, 2005
If the fridge is cold when you leave, 2 hours won't make any difference.  But we, too, run with our propane on to run the fridge so you can do that also.

John From Detroit

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Apr 12, 2005
Davison Michigan
I attended a fire-supression demonstration sponsored by my insurance company at a recent FMCA rally.

They convinced me it's better to run with Propane off.

That said, I would have to evulate many things before making the decision.  One is where I'm running.  Michigan in January, I'm not too worried about things overheating and an 8 hour run with propane and generator off is not going to bother the 'fridge  Arzonia in August, I'm going to be running the generator so I can use house air to supplement the dash air so I don't need propane to power the fridge cause the genny can do it.  In between,,, Need to make a decision  Length of drive, Tempertures.  On my big trip, I kept it on save when refuling (then I simply killed the 12v systems which shuts EVERYTHING off since all the gas valves are 12vdc controlled and the switch is real easy to reach on my rig) however we were dong 12 hour on the road days with two drivers taking turns and that is a bit long for running w/o cold
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