front bike racks like metro?

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Jan 20, 2013
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Ok so after looking for bike racks for rvs (crap) and looking through 173 pages in the library. Yes I looked. :p
  Does any body know who or what kind of bike racks are on metro busses?
They fold up when not used and would clear for tipping the hood for eng. The racks dont shake and the bikes are scure.

I tried to ask a driver and lets just say I got more info out of the street sign :eek:
Thanks for any help


If you are wanting to avoid a hitch mount rack because you want to use the receiver to tow a vehicle, they do make a hitch extension that adds a second receiver.  You can then use a tow bar and a bike rack.  Example: 
You're welcome, and please let us know what you buy/install. Maybe post a photo.or two  ???
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