Front stabilizer Jack motor/Gearbox fail

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Oct 14, 2018
So I'm super new to the RV world. I paid a guy to haul my 5th wheel 5 miles to the RV park where I intend to live on the cheap until I retire in a year or so. The guy helped me level the trailer but did a horrible job, I mean I can feel it and see that it's not level. So while using the power stabilizer jacks today, to once again try and fine tune the level job, I here this loud thunk and the jacks stop working.
So I open the panel and one of the ears on the reduction gearbox just sheared off and it appears the thing had been moving around for some time. When it failed it rotated the motor and gearbox about 90 degrees. It also blew the 30 fuse. So I put the 5th wheel on jack stands and removed the motor and unit.
I have several questions, first is it safe to have the 5th wheel on jack stands, they are heavy duty truck jack stands, second what hold the motor and unit flush against the jack post and keeps it from moving around?
I do not own a 5th wheel hitch and can't hook up to the unit while I work on it, so the jack stands and a stabilizing tripod on the hitch are all that it holding it. I'm alittle unnerved right now and worried, if it's safe until I can replace the jack motor, hopefully tommorow.


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Dec 12, 2008
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What is the GVW of your 5ver? It should be on a plate on the drivers side front. By getting the GVW you can kind of estimate the weight of the front on the landing gear. If the jack stands are heavy duty enough, they are performing the same function of the leveling legs. No worry about it falling. 

Rene T

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May 20, 2011
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I guess allot would depend on how hard the soil is. If you're concerned, find 3 or 4 concrete blocks and put then under the frame and shim the space with wood. Note, make sure the holes in the blocks are running vertical not horizontally. They are stronger that way. Also either put a piece of 2 X 10 or a patio block under the bottom block first so the blocks don't sink into the ground. The blocks don't have to take the weight they are just there in case the jack stand fails or sinks into the ground.


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May 7, 2015
Western Kentucky
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Sorry for your problems :-\

My FW weighs about 15,000# with a pin wt of 3,000#, leaving 12,000# on the tires.  I will not go into the physics, but this means about 4000# being supported by the landing gear, or 2000# per side.  If your jack stand is rated at 2500# or more, you are fine. (safety margin).

For repair, youtube RV Landing Gear Repair or RV lining gear lubrication.  Excellent videos are available.
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