Full-time RVers - What address do you have on your license?

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Aug 7, 2006
Escapees RV Club has a mail forwarding service based in Livingston, Texas, which gives you a Texas address.

Why Texas?

No state income tax, and RVs are not liable for personal property tax.? The state sales tax is 6.25%, which is pretty brutal on a motor home purchase, but annual licensing on a motor home is in the $300 range (unless you have a Purple Heart, Medal of Honor, or are a Pearl Harbor Survivor or former POW, in which case it is $3/year). (They make up for it by taxing land and buildings at a usurious rate, but that's not a problem if you don't own any.)

Livingston is also a cheap county for car insurance (the fulltiming surcharge negates that for a MH, but not your toad.)

Driver's licenses aren't hard to get, and Texas Concealed Handgun Licenses are recognized in a bunch of states (considerable training is required to get one, but it can be done in a weekend.? Qualification at a range is part of it.)

We haven't signed up with Escapees yet because we haven't sold our house, but we will.


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Sep 5, 2006
2845 Sorrel Street, Las Vegas, NV 89146
We were leaning towards the LLC in Montana because of no sales tax, and the annual registration for a MH is slightly less than $300.00.  However, the annual registration must go through the LLC agent in Montana and naturally they pile on their fees.  The Texas Deal with Escape is another matter. It's changed my thinking dramatically as I have a Purple Heart w/1OLC and the $3.00 annual fee is too important to ignore.  Cripes, now I have to figure out, maybe over say, seven years, and see which is cheaper. The more I read on this forum the more I know. And I'm dangerous when I know what I'm talking about. (I knew something for sure about four years ago and haven't been blessed with an Epiphany since).  Thank you Forum members!!!


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Jun 23, 2006
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I think ater 5 years you have free registration for life...in Montana. At least we do. I know several people who have gone the LLC route. It does cost a bit though.


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Jan 22, 2006
Yes the LLC that we have cost us $1190 the 1st yr and 35 each following yr to maintain the LLC.  The reason I went this route with New Horizons is, they are an attorney firm and stood behind me when the dag burn dealer sent my paper work to ILL instead of Montana and ILL wanted their Sales tax.  The Lawyer firm pushed and pushed with no success.  They subsequently, paid the taxes to ILL and also the fine.  Sometimes being caucious pays.  ILL didn't care that I also had buisness in Montana for 5 yrs but no residence.  The RV belonged to the Company not me.  But the stupid Dealer sent everything to ILL    Another reason not to do buisness with Tom Raper RV in Indiana and Ohio.,  This was a few years ago but I haven't forgotten.  So I kept this one in Montana too. If you do go LLC  do it with  a Reputable Law firm if there is such a thing.  Good luck in your decision.  If your go with New Horizon tell Mary my story and she'll take care of you. They did me very well.

Clay L

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May 28, 2005
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In reply to the original poster, we use our mail forwarding service address in SD  - SD is our SLR (as defined in the article referenced by Tom) - for our address on everything including our drivers licenses which are issued by SD.

We just got a reminder from SD that it's time to get our absentee voting ballots - addressed to "Dear RVer" or something like that. Apparently SD is on board with RVers for the most part.


Jan 13, 2005
Glad it helped Clay. As with all contributions to the forum, I can't speak for the accuracy or validity of the information, but the author sure appeared to know what he was talking about.


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Mar 4, 2005
Hondo, TX
Howdy, Y'all.
>>I think ater 5 years you have free registration for life...in Montana. At least we do. I know several people who have gone the LLC route. It does cost a bit though.
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James Godward
Re: Full-time RVers - What address do you have on your license?
? Reply #6 on: October 13, 2006, 10:41:12 PM ?

That applies to Trailers, ATVs, and some other things, not MHs.  :--((<<<

Our 1993 Wanderlodge is permanently registered in Montana. My LLC owns the coach.

Jack and Liz

Jim Godward

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Mar 6, 2005
Hillsboro, Oregon

I stand corrected.  It is possible to have a one time license AFTER the MH is over 11 years old!!  I've got a while to go.  I guess it pays to have an "Antique".  VBG

Here is the pertenant information.

>Each registration is valid for one year. After 11 years or more, however, you do have the option of applying for permanent registration. In addition to the permanent registration cost, you will also be required pay a $5 Montana Highway Patrol Salary and Retention fee, and a $5 new issue plate fee. Permanency status does not carry over if there's a change in ownership.

Fee Schedule

Less than two years: $282.50
Between two and five years: $224.25
Between five and eight years: $132.50
Older than eight years: $97.50
Older than 11 years―permanent registration: $237.50
For questions, contact the Title and Registration Bureau at:

Title and Registration Bureau
1003 Buckskin Drive
Deer Lodge, MT 59722
(406) 846-6000
[email protected] <<
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