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Oct 20, 2005
After lurking for years, I've decided to join. We're from Woodville, Ohio and still spend 6 months a year nearby. Started fulltiming in our KZ 5th wheel almost a year ago. It's the hubby and I and a spoiled rotten dachshund. Before buying our KZ, I did a ton of research on this site. I highly recommend it. We leave for TX and then Yuma and Quartzsite next week so if you see a blue Ram with license plates TSCOOK, say hi!? ?:)
Glad to have you posting in the forum. Also glad to hear that you previously found a lot of good information here,
Welcome to the RV Forum.  Glad you are participating.  When are you going to arrive in Yuma?  We and several other Forum members are already here.  Let us know when you will get to Yuma and maybe we can get a mini rally going.  Will you be able to join us at the RV Forum Quartzite Rally in January?  We would sure welcome you.

Thanks for the welcome(s)! We hope to hit Yuma the first week of December and am thinking I need to sign up as part of the forum group to Quartzsite. We're very excited to get on the road tomorrow. Unfortunately we're obligated to workamp for a month in TX. Ron, are you staying in a campground or boondocking it? We haven't done any boondocking but have a Honda 2000 so we can handle it. And neither of us has ever been to AZ so we're very eager.

Thanks again! :)
Glad you will be joining us at the QZ rally.  We are in a campground Yuma and we will travel to QZ for the rally.  We will be boondocking at the rally.

:D  Well, just spent our first week in Arizona and we're having a blast! Went to Tombstone and Bisbee a few times and are leaving for Yuma tomorrow.  Caravan Oasis Resort for one night, since they have on-site wi-fi, maybe a week.
While we were in TX, I installed a wi-fi system throughout their park so that was an experience for both of us. I'm also revamping their website totally so it's not ALL fun & games! Well, anyway, see ya'all in Quartzsite soon!
For sure, that's why we refused under no circumstances to Winter in Corsicana, about 50 miles South of you! No way! We spent Jan.1 - Apr.1 there so we knew better. We left a day ahead of Austin's ice storm. (Whew!) Nice to hear from you again!
Oh yeah, is there very many people carrying metal detectors around Quartzsite? Been reading, panning for gold sounds interesting... for a hobby at least.
We had carried a Metal Detector up to about two years ago.  We hadn't used it for more than a year so it came off the coach.

The reason we came to Dallas was to meet our new Grand daughter.  Next stop League City for Christmas then start back to Yuma on the 2nd.


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