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Dec 22, 2018
Hi I came here to reach out for some help with my furnace.  I?ve tried figuring this out by myself and have read several troubleshooting guides and I?m just not getting it.  The blower  doesn?t seem to come on whatever I do.  Ive included pictures of the furnace. I have a voltmeter and  I get 12 volt to the all the way to the  relay but not to the red wire coming out of the relay and over to the blower motor.  Tried jumping the relay and applying 12v directly to the prong where the red wire enters the motor and nothing.  This is an 89 class c champion sun seeker. Thermostat is bypassed by twisting the two wires together.  If anyone could give me some hints on what I?m missing it would be greatly appreciated.

Lou Schneider

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Mar 14, 2005
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There should be an on/off switch or circuit breaker located on the outside panel of the furnace.  Is it on?

If the blower motor isn't turning when you apply 12 volts directly to it, the first problem is in the motor.  You may have a seized bearing, debris jamming the blower cage, a problem inside the motor or a missing ground.

Everything else follows the blower getting up to speed.  It's a dual blower, one side supplies combustion air to the firebox while the other side blows hot air from the outside of the firebox into the RV.

The startup sequence is the thermostat signals for heat (which you've done by twisting the wires together).  First thing that happens is the blower comes up to speed and activates an airflow switch to verify airflow through the firebox.  After a time delay of about 10 seconds to flush out any gas that may have accumulated in the firebox, the burner ignites and the furnace starts producing heat.

If the blower isn't turning, nothing else will happen.

Can you measure any resistance from the (+) lead of the blower motor to - 12 volts (ground)?  An open circuit means either the brushes have hung up and aren't making contact with the armature, the motor has an open winding or it has a bad ground.

After you get the blower running you can then examine the rest of the startup steps.


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Sep 14, 2016
How many times in the last almost 30 years have ALL of the connections been cleaned?
I was having furnace problems in my '87 Lindy when I first purchased it November of 2016. Couldn't figure things out and getting replacement parts is not the easiest thing in the world.
I took apart what I could and with a wire brush, a file and sandpaper cleaned every connection back down to bare metal.
That did the trick.

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