Galveston Island State Park?

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Aug 4, 2006
Central Louisiana
We plan on staying 3 nights at this park next weekend.  We're supposed to have a site next to the beach.  Has anyone ever stayed at this park?  If so, is it a nice park?  Also, I would like to come in from Port Bolivar and avoid Houston.  Will they let you take a RV across on the Ferry?


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Oct 30, 2005
I have stayed at the park, on the Gulf side, and it is nice for a beach front park.  They have two sites; one on the Gulf side and the other is on the Galveston Bay side.  The Bay side is not as nice and you will have to driveto the beach on the Gulf.  I don't think they have a beach on the Bay (but the fishing is better!!!)
You will have to drive to get to the city of Galveston 5 miles or so.

It has an average restroom and shower facility and the beach is very close (if you are on the Gulf side). It has been awhile since I have been there but my recollection is there is no shade. They have covered picnic areas and full hookups. 

Galveston is a nice city to visit and there are some good eating places, especially if you like seafood.

I am not sure how big a rig you have but I would check with the port authority for information on the Ferry.  Additionally, depending on when you arrive and leave you could have a considerable wait...hour or so.  I suggest you take I 10 to I 45 South and you will have no problems andguess it would take less time.

Have fun!!!
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