Gas or Diesel, need help deciding. Towing 6K, limited use.

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Jan 13, 2007
I did a search on diesel powered MH and from what I have read, they are better suited for handling larger MH's, towing and grade changes (hills).
Down side is higher price for the MH, diesel fuel and maintenance.
Correct me if I am wrong on any of these points...

Here is my scenario:

I manage to get away from work a few times a year and tow my race car over to some of the local road course tracks located in FL.
Sebring, Homestead, Moroso, etc....
The race car and 23' Horton "Wedge" trailer weigh about 6,000lbs.
I am presently using a Chevy conversion van with a 350ci V8 getting approx 7mpg when towing so I am used to poor gas mileage.

Our MH will see approximately 5 or 6 - 300 mile trips per year and possibly a 700 mile trip up to Savannah GA to race at Roebling Road.
It is also likely we will make an occasional trip to the beach (60 mile trip).
Best guess... I'd say we would travel about 2,500 +/-  miles each year.

Another reason for getting the MH is so we have an excuse to do some traveling over the summer with our 10yr old son.
Distance? Likely to the E. coast (VA, NC, SC, GA, DC, etc).
Given my usage and towing requirement, what power plant will best suit my need if we were to get into a 36' or 37' MH?

Most of my travel will be in FL (flat landscape) but I dont want to be afraid to head up North because the coach can't handle transversing mountains.

Will a V10 with a Banks system handle my projected load?
Is is "bad" to have limited use on a Diesel?
Will the expense of owning a diesel outweigh the towing benefits?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.



Gary RV_Wizard

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Feb 2, 2005
At my Silver Springs FL home
With your limited use, I would usually recommend a gas motorhome, but you will be hard-pressed to find a gas motorhome rated to tow over 5000 lbs, though the largest of the new ones can do it (Workhorse W24 and W26 chassis).  Because of your towing requirements, I'd say a diesel is a better fit. Are you looking new or used?


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Aug 19, 2006
You might consider a Super-C MH.  They are built on the Chevy Kodiak chassis.  Typically, 32 to 35 foot models, GVWR 19500 lbs, GCWR 26000 lbs, hitch rating 10000 lbs.  The 8.1 L gas engine gets around 7 mpg not towing, maybe 6 mpg towing.  Gulfstream and Jayco make several models.

John From Detroit

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Apr 12, 2005
Davison Michigan
Well, when it comes to "Grade changes" this gasser passes more than a few Diesels.  I've got the HP and I'm not afraid to use it, though I can tell you that when the road gets steep enough the speedometer does start moving left... Right along with the gas guage.  (It sure can suck the gas)

However you want to tow 6,000 lbs, and most of the gassers I've seen, including this one, limit towing to 5k.

This is not so much an engine consideration as it is a chassis consideration, but this rig is rated to pull 5,000 lbs, no more (Since my towed has a curb weight of 4,000 this kind of limited my tow options to 4-down)

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