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Jan 15, 2006
Hello, Planning on buying our First RV this spring, working with a budget up to about 65K.  Would prefer a diesel pusher, however,  budget restrictions prevent anything fairly new here (looking at a 39' American Eagle '94-'95).  My question is on the quietness and avail. power of gas pullers/ i.e. Newmar Mountain Aire, Kountry Star.  I don't want a lot of engine noise up front on the road.  Looking for opinions and experience with these types of units.  Thanks in advance.

Gary RV_Wizard

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Feb 2, 2005
At my Silver Springs FL home
If engine noise up front is a concern, you want a pusher and that means diesel.  This is especially true with older units - the older gas models were both noisy and somewhat cramped up front (recent models, since about 2002, are much improved in this regard).

There are lots of really nice older pushers out there. If you can do without a slide, they are almost cheap. Saw an absolutely  gorgeous older Vogue on Ebay yesterday that was bidding in the $30k range. Vogues are custom built rigs and about as "top of the line" as anything you can get.


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Mar 11, 2005
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After struggling through many of the tough questions last year that you are dealing with now, all I can say is that I would sacrifice a lot of amenities before I would sacrifice giving up the advantages of a deisel pusher.  Bernie Dobrin, an experieinced forum member here, first advised me on a diesel back in 2003, and many more members here echoed his advice.  I am glad I listened.
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