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John From Detroit

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Apr 12, 2005
Davison Michigan
One of the pages I visit daily is my local gas prices  ( I think)

I got there via the first time

They have a new feature,, A US Map,. each county is marked out, and color coded as to gas price

Here in the midwest it's fairly consistant county to county but if you are out west you might want to take a peak at it when thinking about a fuel stop.  Sometimes a few miles can make a BIG difference (Like from top of price chart to bottom)
Well folks, I'm surely coming late to this party, so I hope I'm not going over old ground.

I'm going to try uploading a PDF on a Google Map hack. 

Whether or not it goes up, check out the following site for gas prices--a mapping of gasbuddy over Google maps:


Gas here in West of Phoenix is down to 2.29 gal  and 1.85 in Branson, Mo  Jeff you went there at the wrong time.
Shayne said:
Gas here in West of Phoenix is down to 2.29 gal  and 1.85 in Branson, Mo  Jeff you went there at the wrong time.


Where is it $2.29? Haven't seen Costco's prices for a while.
Carl  that was the Fry Market at 15500 block of Bell in Surprise
Sorry  I meant Bernie  There's gent here visiting with us and his name is Carl  Big Dummy here
Reg. Unleaded has dropped to a low of $2.03 here in Indy on the west side by the airport.

Bernie try this
Oops Bernie, my fault. I edited Shayne's link and probably screwed it up in the process  :mad:  I'll let Shayne tell us what he was originally pointing to.
I'll try again  maybe this time I won't screw it up, but I doubt. 
That's a good URL Shayne. Sorry I screwed up your prior one.

BTW the URL doesn't hotlink at this time because I'm running some tests in the forum which prevent the link from being clicked. For now, folks have to copy and paste these links into their browser.
Gas is about $2.69 here in the Livingston, MT - Yellowstone North area and a bit higher at the park entrance in Gardiner. Diesel is about $3.08 but we saw $2.99 upin Lewistown, MT.  Hope that diesel falls as quickly as gas did, oce the downtrend started.
RV Roamer said:

It's a state of mind Gary.

As I mentioned here and elsewhere, I'm doing some testing. Meanwhile, an alternative is to use the hyperlink icon above, as some folks have done.
Sorry Tom    I have no idea what that stands for.  UGLs and popcorn and my banged up hands match my brain.  Small and stubborn

Hi Shayne,

What I was saying was that, te,porarily, when you post a URL (web address), folks can no longer click on it to go the site/address your link points to.

As an alternative, instead of merely typing out the URL, when you compose a message there's a row of icons (small images) immediately above the row of smileys; If you click the one to the far left it allows you to enter a hyperlink (a web address).

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