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Sep 5, 2006
Here's the plan:

After 35 years of hard work, conservative living and no vacations (except a few trips 'cross country to visit family), my wife & I are thinking about buying a motorhome.  We've both had some health problems that have convinced us we might not be immortal after all!

My idea is to try to find a nice class C, 1995 - 2000, 25'-30' to start out with.  Maybe after a few years if we like RVing as much as I think we would, we could trade up to a newer model and would know more about features we might want.  I'd like to be able to pull a small SUV. The Jeep Liberty sounds like a popular choice for a toad. I would assume a Ford 460 V8 or V10 or Chev. 454 V8 would provide sufficient power. I've also read a little about the gross vehicle weight rating considerations when towing a vehicle so I'd have to check that out on the particular coach when we find one we think we'd be interested in.

We're not in a particular hurry, just want to start looking and learn what to look for. I'd like to purchase one sometime in the next year.  I don't honestly know if we'd use it enough to justify owning one.  Old habits die hard.  But I think if we had our own coach sitting there that we could load and have ready to go on Friday night we would use it for at least weekend or long weekend trips.  At least I think it's time we need to force ourselves to have some 'downtime'.
I'd also like to have one while the grandkids are still small enough to want to go with us. They tend to lose interest in running around with Grandma and Grandpa when they become teenagers. Hopefully we can retire in about 5 years and start taking some longer trips.

I'm trying to absorb as much of the vast information on this forum as I can.
Any general advice, suggestions, personal experiences, etc. would be appreciated.

Thanks, Steve
Hi Steve,

Welcome to the forum. You've come to the right place for your answers.

Sounds like you have a good plan. Renting does help in making a decision to buy but it isn't cheap. If you can find a good used coach it might be a better way to go. Having it available for a spirit of the moment trip can't be beat. I'll bet you'll find it's a great way to see this country and the grandkids will love it. It's also a great way to visit family and friends when they are not close. You have your own "home" to which you can retire and relax which is hard to do in someone else's home.

Be sure to ask all your questions here and read all the information in our library.
We haven't ruled out renting one to try it out. If I were buying new I would definately rent models close to what I thought I was interested in first. But buying a 10 year old used coach, we'll probably apply what we would spend on rent to the purchase. My idea of starting with an older one is to see if we really use it enough to justify ownership. If we do, I would plan to trade up to a newer model in 3 or 4 years.  If we didn't use it, the depreciation wouldn't kill us to sell in in a couple of years.

Sounds like you have a good plan to implement. Buying used to try it out is much better than buying new and finding out you don't like it.

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