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John From Detroit

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Apr 12, 2005
Davison Michigan
Well... Some general news... I wanted to install some 30 amp outlets "outside" (actually in a storage compartment) so that I could easily use the RV's generator to power the house should the need arise, which, thankfully, it hasn't yet. (since I got the MH) but it has in the past so the house is wired to make it easy to change power sources for important stuff like the Fridge, Freezer, Furnance and a few lights.

Got that done last week, all hooked up and tested

This week I did the Gen-Turi Test (Wed) This is the final step in installing the adapter adn extension, you run the generator for at least 8 hours and check for damage to the unit, at the end of the test 1: no annoying beeps from the carbon monoxide detector, and the Genturi tube was very warm but not hot (That is you could hold it in your hand for over a minute w/o feeling pain,,, Longer I did not test)

Good thing too.. Cause Thursday (I was camped near Flint MI) It rained, and it rained, and ligntning flashed, and thunder rolled and power.............. Went out (We lost power for a good minute before one of us got up and fired up the ONAN)... I still had the gen-turi in place.  Took the power company about an hour to get us back up on mains.

Got my "Tube" storage installed, two PVC pipes, One each 4" and 6", The 4 inch is bolted to the frame using existing holes in the frame (no drilling on the MH) and holds, currently, a 2 Mtr ham antenna (Twin lead J-Pole mounted in a PVC pipe with rope to hang from a tree or an adapter to go to a short mast) and a short mast.  The six inch one is "Sandwich clamped" to the frame, this clamp consists of a standard "L" bracket which is bolted to the pipe in 2 places, it extends over the frame and on one side is also bolted to an existing hole.. It can not move forward or back due to frame members and the 4" pipe, and it can't move side to side due to the design of the clamp.

It holds sewer hose (Like a bumper storage but rustproof)

Both pipes have low point drains in them (elbows pointing back) so they can be flushed if needed

In addition I got under the dash, and changed the connector on the AV-2 lead for the Voyager rear-view camera system to something a bit more standard (Phono plugs) and installed the side view camera (Gas-pump-cam) so far I've about 30 bucks invested in this project and will need to spend perhaps 20 more to cable it up.. Have not cabled it up yet but both camera and interior connectors are in place and match.

Next job... Wire up the camera... Estimated 1 hour, 25 feet of coax, and connectors, plus some 12vdc wire and connectors.

Next job after that... Make planters using left over PVC pipe
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