Generator died in brand new toy hauler:Keep or go to Onan

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Oct 10, 2005
Help! Please! 21 hours on Generac 4.0 and it dies. It has fuel and spark and is sucking back through exhaust. Under warranty. Question is: Should I have it fixed and stay with Generac or should I swap out for an Onan?

Background: Picked up brand new 2005 toy hauler, 30 ft, 10/22. Started loading it and running genset and AC and the TVset on the 30th. Ran about 10 hours the 31st. 21.0 total hours on generator. Tuesday am remote start genset, make coffee; runs fine; flip on AC and TVset, runs 15 mins and stops. Try remote start 2xs; won't start. Wait. Try again; won't start and backfires 2xs.

Once in a while EVERY company turns out a piece of .... Less then perfect... Equpment.  That's why they have warranties.

Do ask for an extension on the warranty as compensation for your trouble in getting it warranty repaired

Heck, on my MH the few months old power transfer switch failed.  Thankfully... On a day when I was already on my way to the dealer for another issue.

The switch is one of the better name brands... Same brand the delaer stocks in fact.  Total down time due to failure... zero minutes
This just my opinion, I went through heck getting a fly wheel put on my Generac, it ended up costing me 1300.00 and a 400 mile trip. If I had the money which I don't and didn't I would get a Onan any day, there are hundreds of Cummings dealers in this country that do good work, the Generac dealers a dealt with were awful, one in Okla City it would cost less to buy new one. Anyway I ended up ordering the parts from PA for 379.00 then drove to Dallas and paid the rest in labor, the place was good to me I guess, but of coarse the found the fuel line bad had to pull out the gas tank to replace it.
I will NEVER own another Generac, please forgive my attitude. Generac Sucks. Mine is hard to start even after tune-up, but it works really well once you get it started.

After owning three Onan's if I was choosing a new Genset it would be Onan but we purchased a used DP with a Generac diesel unit that we have used over 200 hours without a squawk: starts easy, runs smooth. All I do is change oil and filters which are available from NAPA exept for air filter for about $12.00.

My Generac runs fine.  I might opt for an Onan if purchasing a new one with my own money, but if I understand sambunnyrbt's question, his Generac is under warranty.  Why spend your own money on an Onan?  We are talking big bucks here.
I agree with the assessment of Onan if you have a choice.  When we purchased our MH with an Onan, another with a Generac  and less mileage, was available for considerately less bucks.  Glad I made the decision of Onan.  The only problem we've had was the same as Kelly.  The rubber fuel Line near the tank collapsed and would starve the unit until it died.  I too had my tank flushed when it wasn't needed but it was self satisfaction knowing it was done.  Nearly $800 for the procedure.  Lot  of money but you have to pay when you're are too old and lazy to do it yourself.  It's too easy and I'm no longer too old or lazy after paying.LOL Funny how dollars changes ones attitude.  My only regret is the last MH had a 7.0 Onan and this is only 5.0 and was quieter, than this one.  Should you have a Ford unit and the Starvation problem arises, look for that 12" to 18" rubber hose coming off the tank and going to the Genset, chances are that's the culprit.  By the way I tried a new pump and filter. I now have a extra of both in the RV for percautionary measures, cause been there, done that.  Good luck and happy motoring while never passing another RVer in trouble, it might be me, but hope not and prefer meeting under different circumstances.
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