Generator running but no power coming into coach

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May 18, 2019
Living in Arizona, we run our generator while driving so we can run the basement air in our Winnebago. Recently I noticed there was no power coming into the coach while the generator was running. I checked the two 30 amp circuit breakers on the generator and they were not tripped. I couldn't find any other breakers or fuze's related to the generator. Any idea what I should check next?
As a matter of note, the coach was hit with lightening last August and the damage was held to all the onboard computers. We were finishing up a 4 week trip with no issues when this popped up.
Thanks for your help.
If everything works when plugged in to shore power, you may have a bad transfer switch. If you're comfortable working around high voltage the switch can be tested with a volt meter.
Yes find the transfer switch somewhere in the coach.  When you find it before you do anything else turn on the Genny and then hit the case of the transfer switch with a rubber mallet. It just might cure the problem, if it does the cure may last a day or a week or for a long time.
I thought the transfer switch might be the issue. Not sure where it is at, but will search it out. I do know where the shore line is attached, that box was replaced after the lightening strike.
Thanks for your response and information.
What year/make/model of coach and generator is it?  Most Onan gensets of the last 20 years will shut down and display an error code if they are unable to produce power.  If the genset is producing power but it doesn't reach the coach system, then the transfer switch is almost surely the culprit. Whether the switch itself is bad or some wire is loose cannot be determined without inspecting it.
It would make it easier if ALL the info on the coach was given.. Some Winnie models had a recall on the transfer switch,, they were prone to overheat a start a fire.>>>Dan  ( Internal wires not tightened properly)
on our 2009 Itasca must plug 'Shore' cord into Genny to get power into the 'house'  Have you used it since the 'lightning strike'

JM2?  ~~  YMMV
Sorry, my coach is a 2005 Winnebago Adventurer 35A gas unit. It has a 6500 Onan Marquis genset. This past trip was our first outing since the lightening strike, but as I said it was a 4 week outing and all was ok until the last 2 days. The generator produced power to the coach with no issue. We noticed that the coach was getting warm while traveling and that's when I discovered no power was coming into the coach. We have a Good Governor that always tells us the voltage whether shore or generator generated, and it is blank.
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