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Jul 22, 2005
Now that you've helped with the fridge question, I've got one about generators. I have a 27 foot class C gulfstream. I does not have a generator. I've been thinking about getting one of those quiet Honda portables. Will the 2000 Model be big enough to run the A/C when I need it? Or should I get the 3000? I'm only wanting something to use occasionally, to park in fields at the races, without a hookup. I do not mind having to turn something off to use the A/C. Your expert thoughts?

John From Detroit

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Apr 12, 2005
Davison Michigan
Depends on the AC.. Here are some facts:

I used a window mount AC in my bedroom back during blackout 2003, I was able to run the entire bedroom, AC, TV and VCR off a Genrac 1000,  The Genrac woudl not, nowever, run the house frige or freezer.  I got a bigger unit (3700 watt) that will start those (For house, not camper)

The roof AC's on my MH are breakered (Fused) at 20 amps, that's about 2,000 watts (2400 if the generator is working properly)

Odds are the Honda 2000 will run one of them.  Honda generators are the most expensive out there, but have advantages others do not (IE: you can easily put two in parrallel)

Personally, I'd go with the honda 3K so you can have some "Left over" to run a microwave, frige or TV

Oh yes.... The power converter/House battery charger on my MH, takes a full thousand watts at full load

Gary RV_Wizard

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Feb 2, 2005
West Palm Beach, FL
The Honda 2000 will run one a/c unit easily, but it will be stressed each time the a/c compressor starts because there is a momentary high power draw that approaches the 2000's max capacity. I don't see this as a problem for occasional use, though.  A 3000 would be terrific, but it is likely far less portable than the 2000.

Depending on which model a/c you have, the continuous running load is somewhere between 9 and 13.5 amps, which translates to about  1000-1500 watts.  The compressor start surge will go well above 2000 watts, but for no more than a second and will quickly drop to around 2000 and reach the continuous run load within about 3-5 seconds. The genset should handle that. However, test it out thoroughly on your rig immediatelt after purchase to make sure you don't pop a breaker on the genset when the compressor cycles.  If it does, you will have to exchange for the 3000.


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Feb 9, 2006
It depends on the size of your AC.  The Honda EU2000 alone can support up to a 10,000 BTU A/C.  The nice thing about the EU2000 is that you can hook them up in parallel and get 4000W wich is enough to run the a 15,000 BTU AC.  I run a pair of EU 2000 Honda generators and have never had any problems.  Also these are very quiet.  I got my setup from and have been very happy.

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