Getting Past the Siskiyous in December

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Nov 14, 2006
Issaquah, WA
My wife and I (and our four dogs) are heading from Washington State to a dog agility tournament in Long Beach, CA in a few weeks. Our plan was to tow our fifth wheel straight down I-5, but I'm seeing some scary stuff about the Siskiyous.

Is it even worth considering towing over the Siskiyous in early December, or is it too treacherous?  I'm not much of a daredevil, especially with the rest of the family along.  Are there alternate routes for towing that could get us through or around the Siskiyous in a reasonable fashion?

I appreciate any info and opinions.


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Apr 8, 2005
The I-5 route is fine in good weather and you can always cut out to the coast and go down 101 if the weather is bad over the Siskiyous.

Carl L

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Mar 14, 2005
west Los Angeles
jimbat said:
Thanks for the info. Is 199 at Grants Pass a logical place to cut over to 101?

Yeah.? But a word of caution, if a major Pacific storm is passing on down the coast, laying over at GP/Medford/Ashland is not a bad idea with either route.? ?Heavy coastal rains and winds can make travel on 101 more than a bit of misery.? ?Since I-5 is the Pacific Coast arterial they give plowing it the highest priority, so heading south or north on it is not a bad choice.

Dave and Teresa

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May 15, 2005
We live in mt.Shasta and the Siskiyou's are always an issue, but I have found that unless there is on heck of a storm if you plan to go over between the hours of 10am -3pm they are pretty used by the truckers and re good. There is always the chance of a really bad storm and in that case I would'nt want to be driving 101 in that kind of rain! Just keep an eye on the cal-trans cam site, they shoot a picture right at the summit and go for it.
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