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Asking for a friend, are we still talking about Gilbert Ray CG in AZ? When I walk my dog today, I will be mindful of any snakes, but especially the 'Jumping Cholla Cactus'.
After 41 posts, that would be rare to stay on subject, just as in real life longer discussions.

But yeah, many people lean about the cholla cactus the hard way. And don't let your dog get too close to them either.

For those who don't know, do not get too close to these:


-Don- Reno, NV
If you would like to see the opposite opinion in writing (the one I agree with) see here.

"Garter snakes are perhaps the most well-known and frequently encountered native snakes in Alaska. "

While I will admit the jury is still out on this one, I gave my reason for believing they are native in AK.

But this is not something that can be proven either way.

But notice the recent date. It looks like they even discovered a few more snakes that they assume are native in AK. And none of those are surprises to me. The Rubber Boa has been known to dig into snow! I found one at above 8,000' elevation here in NV. The very top of Mt. Pevine near here, a few years ago. Right at the base of an antenna tower at the very peak. That was around this time of year. Every Rubber Boa I ever saw (many) I found in the month of May.

The Ringneck prefers damp cold places. While all could live in parts of AK, I see some herpetologists now expect these are also native. Perhaps three known native snakes in Alaska.

Again, cannot be proven either way. But nobody can be 100% sure of the exact range of any reptile.

-Don- Reno, NV
I actually agree with you. But here is a link from AK Fish & Game: SoundsWild Episode - Radio Program Alaska, Alaska Department of Fish and Game

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