Go Power IC3000 inverter/charger and remote trouble

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Apr 8, 2021
San Diego
I bought my 5th wheel from someone who installed this system, includes a big solar panel on the roof. When we did the walk through he turned the inverter on from the remote, no problems. Shortly after I started using it, I couldn't get the remote to turn on the system, I would have to remove a panel and turn the unit on from the inverter, then I could use the remote. I called out a mobile tech, he looked through everything and had Go Power on the phone (still under warranty). They sent out a new inverter and remote along with a new cable. They said they were going to look at the old system and see if they needed a firmware update.

Sometimes it would work, most of the time I would have to turn on at the inverter. The last time I used it, I couldn't get the remote to power up at all. But the inverter shows on at the inverter, no power to the RV even when plugged into shore power, just battery power (4x 6V). When I went to load the 5th wheel in the morning, the remote was on and the RV had inverter/shore power.

Today, fired up the inverter and same thing, no remote power, no shore/inverter power but lights on inverter show good to go. I will see if the remote comes on in the morning again :( The only other odd thing about the 5th wheel is the GFI breaker seems tripped every time I go to get the RV ready to go camp. I reset the breaker and everything works fine for the most part, a couple times the breaker has tripped while camping...but almost seems like it trips when I turn power on to the battery bank.

All I can think is that I have a bad remote or this thing is wired wrong. I'm in San Diego if anyone know of a good shop or mobile guy I can call. Thanks!


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Feb 2, 2005
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The tripped GFCI/breaker seems a major clue - most inverter/chargers shut everything down, including internal power to the charger and any pass-thru of shore power. Can you determine if the trip is caused by a ground fault vs amp overload?

I see almost zero info in the IC 3000 manual on the remote. The only mentions are as an alternative to the switch on the 3000 itself. Is it a wired remote or wireless? If wired, did they send a new remote and cable with the new 3000?
** I think I found a separate manual on the remote. Does this look like it?
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