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Apr 12, 2005
Roman Forest, TX.
Hey folks, I'm going to be going from San Antonio, TX to Galveston (actually Bolivar Peninsula across the ferry), and don't particularly want to take the Interstate all they way.  As everyone keeps saying, "getting there is half the fun".  I'm thinking about going 90A (Highway 90 Alternate) but don't know much about it.  Does anyone have any information on this road, or should I do I-10 a ways, then jump off and do the 90 thing?  Any thoughts or info on this would be appreciated.  I've been to Houston/Galveston many times, but always went Interstate and toll road around Houston.  I don't know the back roads.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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Feb 1, 2005
We've driven 90 from SA west, but never east.? It looks like you have to take I-10 to Seguin then pick up 90 east from there.? Once you reach Houston, you could take 6 down to Galveston.? Both roads are on the truck routes, so should be fine for an RV.

Other than going through some small towns, we enjoy taking the lesser traveled roads.
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