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Mar 18, 2006
The betterhalf and I have decided to upgrade from a Class C to a Class A Diesel.  We have 3 children and usually just take weekend lake trips but I really wanted the Ride comfort of a Class A. I got to hat taking trips longer than a couple hundred miles because of the rough ride and noise.

  We looked At a 2003 Discovery 38t this weekend with the 330hp cummins.  22k miles and I really liked the motorhome.  I really like the price but I am not a RV expert either.  I did the usual walk around looking for any damage and didn't see anything.  when I drove it I listened for every little sound that may be alarming.  Looked into every cabinet door and drawer and cranny.  In my opinion for 21k miles and 90 hrs on the diesel generator tells me this unit has not been used all that much.    I did a NADA value and that is a bit confusing.  Do you have to check off everything you think the motorhome has or does the the value pertain the the Discovery 38t.  I did what I knew and got a price of 133k with the add-on I had checked vs not checking and got 109k.  I did ask the sales guy what did it book out for and he said 134k.

I asked several times and why doesn't an experienced salesman know who much extended warranty is.    Why must one wait until the get into the fiance office to find out?  Is this some top secret info that can only be discussed at the signing?  How can I find out before hand what to expect for the extended warranty cost?

I tend to believe that when a couple goes into buying an Rv most do not have a clue what their credit scores are like.  I do and could not get a straight answer on what the interest rates were.  I would tend to believe that a credit score above 730 would be a good score. My wife being new to the country 5 years has over 685. But I still get a quote on 8.5%. All I am told it is lowest in 4 years but he doesn't know the rates :-\  Sad part is his name tags says he has been selling for 18 years.  My class c I got 7.5 3 years ago.                                                                                                                                        Maybe that was my Que to walk away and look elseware :-\

Are we better off getting our own financing and what are some good Companies?
Who can we talk to on extended warranty and know what it cost before hand?
What is a good fair price on a 2003 Fleetwood Discovery 38t  330 cummins 22k miles. 7.5 diesel generator if that makes a difference.  I assume that all Discovery 38t's were pretty much equipped the same way.  I know that everybody must make money for this all to work out and I am not looking for the best deal of the century, I just do not want to be his best sale of the century ;D

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.
As far as financing and extended warranties, you will almost always do better other than the dealer.  The markup on dealer sold warranties is extremely high and they also make money on the financing.  Get quotes elsewhere and if the dealer can match the prices and rates, then consider it, but in general you'll be better off getting your own loan and policy.  We have gotten good warranties from Warranty Experts (talk to Dave Gardner 877-673-1880).  I can't give any financing references as we have never financed an RV, but I'm sure other will have some suggestions.  Check with your own bank or credit union too.

As far as NADA prices, I would use the low retail and ignore most, if not all, of the options, for a 3 year old RV.  Expect to pay at least average retail, but make an offer no more than the low retail and see what they say.  You can always walk if you don't like their deal, and then expect a call with a better deal.

If this is your first diesel I would reccommend having it checked out by someone knowledgeable, a local chassis service center might be able to do it.

NADA is a guide used by salesman but I would not check any add-ons for a Discovery, most units were delivered well equipped. I also would reccommmend using the low number as a guide to what you should pay, the retail number is usually high.

You can purchase extended warranty protection at far better prices and protection if you DO NOT buy it from a dealer.

Keep the business office honest but getting a quote for financing from your own sources, again it will usually beat a dealer's rate. Several are available from RV organizations.

Good luck on your purchase!
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