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Jim Johnson

Well-known member
Mar 4, 2005
Newton, AL
Would someone with the smarts to make a call, look at this site and tell me if? this utility is good or bad to use.

I've tried it and it seems to do what it says it does.

I fixed up the link in your message, it was broken.
Gee Jim I can't tell you. ?I looked at the website awhile back but for some reason didn't go any further. ?Personally I use the utilities available on the Datastorm users group at . ?I use the lookangle calculator, point 4020, and the reset6000. ?Another utility I use is DW6KSS

It's good for occasional use when you're having a problem with DirecWay.  It will run some diagnostics that MAY help you determine where the problem is.  I don't see any value in running it all the time.  It really doesn't tell you any more than you can see on the DW6000 reports if you know how to read them.
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