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Ian H

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Mar 23, 2005
picked up the Revolution last thursday from Southampton docks.No damage and nice people to deal with (shippers that is) now the VAT man is a different situation,we argued for 2 days before being fleeced but had to give in because you just cant argue with HM Customs & Excise.Full details and costs will be available to any interested parties after i get it checked by the testing station and the registered with UK plates
Glad to hear the Revolution arrived safely.  Too bad the customs agents can't read the same information as you had regarding imprt fees.
Thanks for the follow-up Ian. Glad to hear it arrived in one piece. You oght to have Paul talk to the customs chap to get you a reduced duty rate  ;D
Glad to hear at least the shipping part went OK, Ian.  You can't beat the tax max - they make the rules and then interpret them as well. And if the UK is like the USA, there is no independent appeal process - you go back to the tax people for that as well!

What are your current thoughts about a return to the US?  Are we likely to see you folks next spring or summer?

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