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Gary RV_Wizard

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Feb 2, 2005
West Palm Beach, FL
I was at the Ocala Hitching Post shop the other day - that is the parent company of - and was looking at several recent additions to their led product line. I picked up a 300 lumen flat panel led to put in my porch light (1141 single in base) and Wow, what an improvement!  The flat led mounts all the tiny bulbs on one side, so that they shine directly out through the porch light lens instead of relying on the fixtures internal reflector (which is not very effective). That plus the 300 lumen output seems to have doubled the amount of actual light outside the coach entry. Love it! I had also picked up one of their Smart Light motion & daylight-sensing porch light fixtures but I am going to return that since the new bulb works so well in the old fixture.
300 lumen flat led bulb
They also have a 400 lumen bulb but that's an additional $14, so I decided to try the 300 lumen model first.

Another slick little gadget is a multi-color (RGB), 16 ft string of leds, used for decorative lighting. They are mounted on 3/8" wide sticky-back 3M tape for easy installation to smooth interior or exterior surfaces.  The string has a controller with a little remote control that lets you select several different shades for each of the three primary colors, four different color shifting patterns, plus the  speed of the change.  This little gem is a hefty $99.99 but forum members get a 10% discount that helps. I just had to have one!

RGB Color-changing String Light

Another upgrade I did was to replace a halogen puck light (previously converted to led) over the sink area with a larger fixture that spreads more light in the primary galley work area. I used the all-white one, but it is also available with black or brushed nickel trim.
Solarian LED fixture
Gary, you must be talking about the Revolution bulbs? I have had them for about two years now and they are great. I like how you can turn them while in the socket. I did install the two smart lights, one for the porch and the security. The porch is used all the time in the motion setting. I could have just changed the bulb in the security light to be honest. Good stuff!
Thanks, Gary.  I just placed an order for 4 of the same you purchased.  I've got three locations to use something like these little buggers.  One inside the TT and two outside.  You're the man!
Yes, the 300 lumen bulb is the Revolution 1141-300 that can be rotated. Works like a champ. My previous led in the porch light was from another manufacturer - I bought it in an auto parts store years ago.

I have converted almost every bulb in the coach to led over the last three years and now am  starting to upgrade the first leds with newer technology.
The DW is a BIG reader of books.  Puts away a novel in a couple of days.  Loves to read while laying in her hammock in the sunshine while reading.  BUT, has always complained about those gloomy days when Mother Nature isn't so kind.  When reading inside, the light isn't comfortable for her to spend a lot of time doing so.  Hoping these new "bulbs" are the answer.  When mama is happy, everybody is happy!
Theoretically an 1141 incandescent has more light output, but that's only when its brand new.  Lumens decrease with age in an incandescent, but an led keeps a constant lumen level.

By Mark I eyeball measurement, the 300 lumen, directional led is putting out a lot more light than either an 1141 incandescent or an smaller, omni-directional led. I'm not sure how much of the improvement is the "directional" vs the additional lumens.
denmarc said:
The DW is a BIG reader of books.  Puts away a novel in a couple of days.  Loves to read while laying in her hammock in the sunshine while reading.  BUT, has always complained about those gloomy days when Mother Nature isn't so kind.  When reading inside, the light isn't comfortable for her to spend a lot of time doing so.  Hoping these new "bulbs" are the answer.  When mama is happy, everybody is happy!

Marc, this is off topic, but had to recommend getting her a Kindle Paperwhite.  Seriously.  I know, everyone says "I like the feel of a REAL book in my hands".  I said that too.  I'm sure she will say the same thing, so surprise her for a birthday or something.  I'm also a big reader and have shelves and boxes of books all over the house.  Had to pack a bag'o booksl for any trip we'd take.  Got my daughter a Kindle 2 years ago and just for fun, loaded one of my favorites onto it.  I literally have not read a single "real" book since.  I even repurchased my entire library of favorites in ebook format and my wife is selling off all my precious hard cover first editions on Amazon.  Was hard to let them go, but has freed up a lot of space.  I have over 200 titles on my Kindle right now and it fits into my front pants pocket.  These things were MEANT for the RV lifestyle!  I do not recommend the Kindle Fire - that's not an e-reader, it's basically a small ipad with a backlit computer screen - great for graphics, pictures and games, but not if you just want to read a book.  Get her the Paperwhite - It's an ereader with e-ink - looks like a paper page, does not use back-light so the battery lasts forever (weeks to month, depending on usage).  It is great in full sunlight.  The Paperwhite also has a built-in screen illumination so you can read it at night with no reading light.  I got that for my wife and she's reading more than ever now.  I have the base Kindle ($69), so I need a reading light or clip on light to read at night.

Sorry for the off-topic digression, but your wife's reading habits resonated with me!

Gordon Groff said:
Sorry for the off-topic digression, but your wife's reading habits resonated with me!

You have no idea how close to the point you are!  The DW just had a B-Day two days ago.  And she mentioned wanting something to read her books with along the lines of a tablet or pad.  We are getting "older" (Did I type that outloud?) and thought something electronic and backlit could also be an answer to her reading habit.  Your info is appreciated and will be shown to the DW.  As long as she is happy, right?

Regardless, if the new lights work, we will be saving precious battery power and she can read her hard covers to her hearts content!  Not that it was a big problem before now, but the issue of running out of battery power had been brought up before.  Needless to say, I spent those nights waking up next to a burnt out campfire.  ;)  Get my drift? 

It would be her Heaven out in the woods to be able to read whatever she wants either inside or outside!

I have a few different uses for the new LED lights when received.  They will be put to the test in a few different applications when the camping season starts in my area.
you can find the led 5050 rgb just like you got all day on ebay  for 20 or less.  Maybe you could return the one got and get one from ebay and save some money for another mod.
Gary, I have been looking at trying to put the RGB string lighting (or something like it) under my main slide. I think it will stick fine and there appears to be enough room to go under the rubber seal. Would be nice for the evening time.
I just started looking at upgrading too.  Gary, did you happen to upgrade any 1139 IF bulbs?  They are in all my spot lights but I cannot find which bulb to replace them with on their website.  Thanks!

An 1139 has a single contact bayonet base, so any of the bulbs listed in that section of the site will physically work. Whether they put out the light you expect in a spotlight, I can only guess. If you truly need a spot light (focused beam), try the Revolution or Ming 1383-220. If that is more "spot" light than you want, try one of the "tower" style bulbs that give more general lighting. They work well in a fixture that has a built-in reflector.
I've been talking with the folks at Revolution about the RGB string lights. They caution that the ones on Ebay may not be the exact same thing. Some differences to watch for are the use of SMD 3528 leds instead of the brighter SMD 5050 and the use of a low quality adhesive strip (the Revolution string has a 3M adhesive pad). They also warn that an earlier version of the multi-light controller had issues that lead to early failures and melt-downs and those may be being sold cheaply to get rid of them. And of course, Revolution is a US company that will be here to provide warranty replacement if there is any problem.

Only you can decide what value to place on quality and service, so make your own call.
I was unaware that Revolution was an American made product.  Just never did do the research.  Just read their website.  My bad in not doing so before.

Thanks for keeping such close tabs with them and keeping us informed. 
A lot of this stuff is made in China and imported here, either as components or finished products. The better US companies research the component suppliers carefully to make sure only quality stuff is brought in, and then they stand behind it with both service and warranty.

One good company is Starlights, Inc. and that's where gets much of their led merchandise. Starlights is a major Revolution brand dealer.
Review of the Revolution 1141-300 bulb is a home run!  I placed one of the 4 bulbs purchased in 3 different areas of my TT to see how they performed.  No complaints!  They work great in all locations.  The DW also says she can sit and read her novels just fine. That really worried me due to the fact she seems to love the feel of a good ole hard cover book in her hands while reading.  A bit old fashioned.  She says no problem and that makes me happy too!

Thanks for the tip on these new bulbs, Gary.  I think I will send a note also.  I would think they would love to hear how well they seem to work for us.  As well as my gratitude for the forum discount.  I will probably order 4 more bulbs too!
I ended up installing the same 1141-300 bulb in my porch light a while back after I decided to use the warm white LED bulbs in the interior lights & didn't know what to do with the 1141-300 bulb.  I never tried it out until last month on a camping trip.  I couldn't believe how much brighter the porch light is with the LED bulb.  A major improvement.
Same here.  One in the porch light, plus two in the dining area, one in the living area.  All areas most frequented, except the bathroom.  Next on the list for replacement.

So far, the Revolution 1141-300 is doing exactly what I had hoped for. 
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