Grand Canyon and New Mexico in October?

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Dec 3, 2016
SW Louisiana
For the last few years my wife and I have planned on taking a trip from our home in western Louisiana to the Grand Canyon (1,300 miles each way), just for one reason or another it has not happened yet.  Our next potential opportunity will be in mid October of this year.

This leads to 2 questions,

1, How is mid October for visiting the south rim, we will be in a 28 ft class A, probably without a TOAD on this trip.

2, How is northern New Mexico, RV site availability, etc. immediately after the Balloon Festival?  Our earliest possible departure dates from Louisiana would put us driving through Albuquerque in the Monday after the festival ends.

thanks Ike
You will have a very nice trip to the canyon provided it does not snow. Remember the south rim is at 7000 feet so snow is possible any time of year. I have gotten snowed on at the canyon in both May and June. However both times it was very light.
Both years that we hosted at the North Rim, we returned home to Arkansas in mid-October.  First year we went through Durango, over Wolf Creek Pass and into the Canyon City area to visit relatives.  Second year we crossed northern New Mexico on 64.  It's kind of a wandering route, but we liked it and would do it again.  Only stressful part of that was driving a 37' coach with a Jeep toad through Taos.  8)

Our planned overnight stops were at Navajo Lake state park and Maxwell National Wildlife Refuge.  We didn't make the Navajo Lake stop because the campground was not only too small for our rig, but it was full when we got there.  Ended up at a wide spot beside the road, after I spotted an elk near the road in the gathering dusk.  Got to Maxwell the next day, ended up spending a couple of days in the area because we liked it, and have been back once since then. Not much there, but peace and quiet.  The wildlife refuge has a population of whooping cranes in the fall that were interesting to watch.

Weather as I remember it.  Once we got off the Kaibab plateau into Page, we changed back out of long pants into shorts and wore shorts all the way back to Arkansas.
Sorry about being late responding, been a couple of busy days here, any thoughts on the potential for crowds leaving the balloon festival while I would be passing through
By looking it appears that the balloon festival is the first couple of weeks of Oct.  We didn't leave the Canyon until Oct 15th, so all the crowds were long gone.  Also didn't go anywhere near Albuquerque.
You should be fine in Oct after the balloon festival folks are gone.  The weather will be fine and there are plenty of places to stay from Casinos to State parks. The balloon folks are pretty quick about leaving the area and the snowbirds have not started arriving yet.
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