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Jul 21, 2018
We are considering purchase of either a Class A or C motorhome to tour the US and Canada either part or full time.  We have looked at several manufacturer websites and have read a bit about quality issues.  We are just a couple without kids so we don?t need a huge RV, i.e., no bunk beds required.  We have a nice home now and would like our RV to have some nice, upscale features as well.  Can the community recommend some manufacturers with better than average or high quality?  Thanks!

Oscar Mike

I recently traded up to a Dynamax DX3. It is a 39'-2" long coach, that is on the Frieghtliner M2 106 chassis. Since it was designed to work in cities, it has a great turning radius (55 degree wheel cut), and it drives the highways and big grades pretty easily too. I love the way my Dynamax handles on the open road.

Super C motor homes in the Renegade and Dynamax lines come in a variety of levels. Dynamax is improving their Quality Control, so much so, that corporate requires a full size proto type of a new floor plan before it will move into production. There are a lot of reasons to look into the Super C motor coach... enjoy your search.


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Feb 22, 2016
Hi and welcome to the forum. There are lots of top end motorhomes, Tiffin and Phaeton are two. If you look through the motorhomes section you will find some interesting threads.,6.0.html

Good luck!

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Feb 2, 2005
West Palm Beach, FL
Can the community recommend some manufacturers with better than average or high quality?
Quality covers many aspects, e.g. build construction, design features, components selection, etc.  The more expensive models are always better overall, yet may still have production defects or design mistakes in any given model or year.

Most of the manufacturers build an array of models at different price points, so there are Chevies and Cadillacs in each product line. Some of the difference is amenities, but the rest is either under-the-covers differences or the materials and components used. Basically there are entry-level models, mid-range models, and luxury models. Entry level sacrifices bits and pieces all over to achieve a lower price point. Mid-level buys some of that back, and the high (luxury) end  adds both amenities and superior construction attributes.
You didn't mention new vs used. We mostly recommend buying used, especially for newcomers.  It's a house, not a car, so condition and livability are the key criteria, not age or miles.  Model year Age however, complicates the recommendations because the RV industry went through a major shale-out with the 2008 economic collapse. Five major RV makers went belly-up and their brand names have either disappeared or been reincarnated as radically different rigs. Tiffin, Winnebago, and Newmar are the major survivors.

Tiffin has made a reputation building good value in their mid and top end models since around 2006. Newmar is another brand that consistently gets good reports, as does Winnebago.  That doesn't make any of them trouble-free, though.
You need to look at a lot of RV models and floor plans to get a feel for what size and layout suits you. And apply a budget to it, since price range is broad. Then we can reasonably discuss good-better-best in that type and price range.
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