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Robot Monkey

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Apr 19, 2006
Hi folks,

Just wanted to say hey to everyone.? My name's Liz and I've NEVER even been inside an RV, and haven't actually gone camping since 1976!

Still, I got to talking with my older brother the other night and one thing lead to another and wouldn't you know it--we're actually planning to rent an RV and visit the Grand Canyon.

I'm excited by the prospect since I'm an adventurous sort, but I have tons of questions to ask people.? Brace yourselves, some of these questions will probably be pretty dopey to some of you!

Anyhoos, hope to hear from folks!? And I'll be back with a shopping list of questions.

Take care, and talk with you all soon,



Jan 13, 2005
Hi Liz and welcome to our forum. Sounds like you have an exciting trip planned in the rental RV. Feel free to post those questions and we'll try to get them answered. We don't consider any questions "dopey" as we all have those kinda questions at one time or another.


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Jan 29, 2005
Home is where we park it
Welcome to the RV Forum Liz.  Glad you found us.  Sounds like you have a great trip planned.  Warning you start traveling in an RV it could become addictive. :D ;)  Please ask what ever questions you have and we will try to provide the answers.  Thanks for joining us.
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