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Feb 19, 2013
New Zealand
Hello there.
Retirements approaching and we are planning the Great US expedition.
Would appreciate some of your advice and experience on where to go, what to do and how to get there.
Unfortunately our dollars are less than yours, so this will be a big issue for us.
Because we are retired we can only leave the country for 6 months at a time.
Planning to buy or hire an RV...not too big...budgets tight, and come back every year for another chapter.
West Coast probably, Maybe West of the rockies to Arizona.
Been to San Francisco, Oshkosh, Wisconson, Chicago, Illinois and Tucson, Arizona before.
Keen on old aircraft so need to go to all the museums and air shows. Oshkosh "blew my mind"!!
Appreciate dialogue with anybody who can help.
Greetings from Canada. Dont forget us Canucks up here in the great north. We love tourists. Summer is a good time to visit, then head south with the snowbirds to the warmth of the southern US as fall approaches. From the rockies in the west, to the great lakes in the middle, to the grand banks on the east, much to see. Happy trails
Greetings Tom and muskoka guy

Thanks for the quick reply. Will check out the resources.

Considered starting in Canada...but oh what a big place. 3 Days driving covers our whole to bottom, so we have to be pretty selective when considering yours. Still we've got 20 to 30 years to mosey around. Until the kids inheritance is used up!!

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