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Apr 15, 2013
Hi folks. I full timed for six years after retiring and crossed the country five times with my wife and our dog. I'm in a stick house at the moment with a 19' travel trailer and a 4wd tow vehicle. For four years I wintered in Az and I've been both a Florida Snowbird and a Winter Texan down on the Rio Grande. I enjoy rving, fishing and the great outdoors and have visited many National Parks. I'm now on the west coast enjoying the scenery of the PCNW from my home base. Last years highlights included Crater Lake and the Oregon Coast. I recommend both as destinations worth a visit. I've been there, done that and paid for my lessons. Now I'm willing to share if anyone is interested. I'll stop by nightly for a bit, read and get to know you a little then offer what insight I can from my own experiences. I don't know it all and I don't sleep at holiday in so my advice, if given, will be worth what you paid for it. I'm a retired repairman who started out in a tent and who lived the full time big rig dream. Now I have time to talk about my experiences and perhaps smooth the way for others. If anything I've mentioned is of interest I can expand on this intro. later. In the meantime...Howdy from clear out west !
hello! I am new to the forum also and am interested in learning lots before I start snow birding. I still work so will only be on here in the evening. Would love to pick your brain about Texas. My hubby sure wants to go to the Corpus Christie area one winter. It sound like yu did some wintering n Texas and I would love to hear what you have to recommend about that part of the country. We live in the PCNW and want to keep our home and spend our winters exploring the southern tier states.
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