Half of our slide out is not working. No sound no movement (slideout)

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Sep 9, 2015
Half of our slideout does nothing when we hit the switch to open it. One side tries to move but it goes out crooked.  Has anyone heard of this before?

We had this same problem about 6 months ago. A mobile RV repair at Disney came out and told us that a screw was loose. They tightened it and it worked ever since.

Now we are on our last trip. We want to sell the RV after this trip.  Such a bummer that it doesn?t work.

2013 Coachmen Freelander 31DS. Pretty sure it is an electric motor slide. It is the bigger slide including coach and table in it.  50k miles.  Any ideas on how we can fix ourself. I have googled and either I?m not using the right wording or this isn?t normal?

Gary RV_Wizard

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Feb 2, 2005
West Palm Beach, FL
Yes, it's a common failure mode for slide mechanisms.  Typically the slide is driven on both sides but there is only one motor,  typically at one side.  There will be  gear shaft that brings power to the other side to drive that.  Yours has probably broken a shear pin/bolt or possible even broken a gear.  There is typically a pin or bolt that is designed to break if the load gets excessive, i.e. the slide jams or pushes into something. The pin/bolt breaks rather than destroying the rest of the mechanism or damaging the slide itself.

A typical rack & pinion gear slide has two gear racks driven by a single shaft. Look underneath the slide and the gear racks will be visible.
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