Happy New Year!

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May 15, 2020
Happy New Year everyone.  Proof positive there will never be time travel.  Someone would've come and warned us...

I was X-Roughneck

2021 will be another year of,... PSYOPs on your mind, so get ready.

Screw it!  We are going for it!

Our 10 year old Grandson trip,..

"Great 2021 Adventure" is going to Happen this summer!

Going to stay Isolated and Keep on Camping, just like we did this June on our Grand Daughter Trip that I documented here in June 2020 on our COVID get away. 

Fear the unknown?  Why? 

Fear,... I will darn sure take it into consideration though. 

But at the end of the day / life I really don't have time for letting it stifle my actions.

Live your Life!  You only got one. 

News Flash, You ain't making it out of here alive...LOL!

Stand up to the table of life, and throw the dice!

Be Street Smart! Take a chance! On You!

Happy New Year Everybody!!

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