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Sep 26, 2021
Minneapolis, MN
Hi, folks! I’m Stephan and my wife is Margo. We also have a 22 month old pug-mix breed dog named Sierra, who has taken to the RV life pretty well so far. We are partially retired but on the road full time in a 32’ used 2017 Thor Windsport we bought last spring. We have been on the road for a week and are loving it. We headed out from Minneapolis and are currently staying in Jensen, UT, outside Dinosaur National Monument.

We are also dolly-towing our Chevy Cruze behind us, which has added a little challenge to these newbies - but so far, no problems! 🤞🏻

Looking forward to getting acquainted with more folks “on the road” and making some new RVer friends!EF5B930C-BE64-4145-BA28-DBF51E353E0D.jpeg0597D9B1-0AF3-4B56-B8B3-846B260CF303.jpeg

MN Blue Skies

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Feb 18, 2014
Hey there They/Them. Welcome to the Forum from another Minnesotan. My DH Eric (Dear Husband) and I have been members for eight years. Lots of good info here and friendly folks.

I host the Live RV Fireside Chat under The Shade Tree every Wednesday night . We'd love to have you join us.

Here's the Link and Chat TImes:

Link to the Chat is here: Chat

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7 pm Eastern Time
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4 pm Pacific Time.
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