Has anybody heard of a Tropical T351? Not T350!

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Jun 12, 2005
A few weeks ago I joined the forum with the subject of buying a Tropical motorhome, and not getting what I thought I had bought. In that message I stated how I had been given a brochure of the motorhome I was buying, showing Tropical T350, with pictures and features that almost 100% matched what I was visually noting in the face to face observation of the coach. One thing that was a big issue was the brochure and the discussions with the salesman about the 350 hp cat7 engine that I was getting. I never noticed on the back of the motorhome the emblem showing it had a 300hp diesel. I know, that was stupid, but in my excitement I never noticed. I even took the motor home back within 72 hrs I could return it,? and was convinced I was ok on that part of the deal. Next, the brochures showed all Tropicals to have 3 slide outs. So that I don't use too much space for the present subject, I have been satisfied with explanations of the 300/350 hp issue. The 3 slide out thing was not an issue at that time, but is now.? For the past two weeks I have been out west in 10 states with my brand new motorhome, with the biggest part of the first week having numerous problems with things not working and unable to get help from the dealer I had just bought from. Anyway, after coming home and deciding to investigate some things about National RV and Tropical I began to look for information about the T351.? I discovered this model not listed anywhere I explored. I also called my insurance agent to see about a different insurance other than what the dealer had prescribed, and was told by the agent that he had a listing for all the Tropical motorhomes except T351.? Further Google searches only showed a listing of T351's for sale. I saw in this listing the features showing a 350 hp engine, and 3 slide outs for the t351. I can find nothing about the Tropical line other than 350 engines, and 3 slide outs.? This has me puzzled as to how I got hold of this odd ball coach.? I'm wondering if it was a second rate of the T350, if it is rare, if I got screwed, etc. etc. I just wonder what the hell is the deal here. Does anyone know about this model, and why it is different than all the other Tropicals. I called National once with a message and never got a return, then called tonight and they were closed and could not talk to anyone. I know probably I will get them to talk, but I am back to work now and haven't the time to make daytimie calls to National. If anyone can give me some information of this model I would appreciate. I may have nothing to worry about, but I'm thinking of future problems I might have, and also if I was shafted on the deal with the dealer. They absolutely deserted me while I was out on my first trip with problems.? Thanks.

Gary RV_Wizard

Site Team
Feb 2, 2005
West Palm Beach, FL
The National Rv web site shows the model T351, which is a 2 slide unit. See http://www.nationalrv.com/tropi-cal/?section=floorplans&tropi-cal_rv=Diesel&recreational-vechile=tropi-cal_motorhome
The T351 is also listed on NRV's "weights" specification page - see http://www.nationalrv.com/tropi-cal/?section=weights&tropi-cal_rv=Diesel&recreational-vechile=tropi-cal_motorhome

I notice, however, that the "chassis" page for the Tropi-cal shows only the Freightliner XC chassis and 350 HP C7 engine. No alternate chassis or engine is indicated there.  That might be a good point to raise with National when you speak to them.

I would not be concerned about the insurance agent not being aware of your model - motorhome model designations come and go almost overnight and I doubt if any insurance company even tries to keep up with all the variations.

Your basic problem remains that you thought you were buying a T350 and were quoted a price on the less expensive T351 and in fact received that model.  That's an age old technique called bait-and-switch.  Unethical salesmanship, at the very least.
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