Has anyone used this one?

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Jun 11, 2012
I wonder if anyone has installed this vent cap.  How hard to install?  Does it work?

Lippert Components 389381 White 360 Siphon
Usually not difficult.  Getting the old vent cap off is the tougher part - it is often buried in caulk and maybe screwed down. 

As to whether it works, I guess that depends on what problem you think you are solving. Most RVers think that inadequate venting is the cause of any odor woes, but that's generally NOT the case. The RV aftermarket exploits that misunderstanding about odors with products of questionable value. If your tanks (gray or black) are producing a lot of odor, better venting isn't going to alter that much, if any.  Further, the siphon type  vent cap works only when the RV is in motion or winds are blowing over it.
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